Finding the perfect Wedding Planner

02/02/2022 By Richardson Jamie

Finding the perfect Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is no easy task. Remember that it is not only about planning. You have to organize and, of course, execute your plan efficiently. So it is advisable to hire a wedding planner in Miami.

When hiring a service or a company to carry out the whole event you are planning, one question comes to mind: How do you know that this is the best service for events? Will they meet my expectations? Do they specialize in weddings? To answer these questions, here are four things to look for when selecting your wedding planning company.

Quality of the food

It doesn’t matter if you only offer a few canapés, a starter, or a main course. It can even be a themed wedding or if the marriage is during the morning and you are only offering brunch. The important thing is that the company you are hiring offers a high-quality catering service. 

We do not want our guests to get sick or for the food to taste bad simply. You can ask if the food they use is frozen or fresh.  Also, you can review the menu and see what kind of ingredients they use. Will you serve sushi? A responsible company should show you and ensure the freshness of the food.

Some companies offer a tasting so you can choose and check that they will deliver what you ordered.

The quality of the service

You can tell if a company offers quality service when you call them for the first time. That first attention will show a lot about what the service will be like. Are they always available? The truth is, we don’t like to wait! And as a bride, even less! 

Of course, we understand that there is a work schedule, but they should offer you a consistent response. If the manager doesn’t respond to your request in a friendly manner, don’t hire them. Wedding planning companies should treat you with a lot of respect. 

Wedding Planner

The portfolio of services is important.

Always look for a company that provides you with everything in one place. This way, you don’t have to be looking for and hiring many vendors. It can complicate the whole execution of your event. If you need a wedding service, you must also have the service of glassware. 

Of course, everything is adapted to your needs. If they can offer you several benefits, it is better. Also, in some cases hiring a complete package is more economically profitable than hiring many services separately. 

Seriousness and responsibility

When hiring a wedding planner, you must verify that they are serious and responsible people.  Check their reputation. Ask for references, do not allow changes in the prices of the service or the services offered. Remember punctuality is important, be on time and organize everything.   A bad catering service can ruin your whole event.

Finally, meet with the service you are hiring and clarify all your doubts. Make clear all your requests: the theme of the event, type of food, date, time, and place. Once all the services have been established and contracted, you just have to relax and enjoy your event. Surely everything will be perfect.